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Borrowing from geographic scholarship, this site is called “Everyday Geopolitics Houston” in order to foreground how daily routines, triumphs, and struggles in Houston are intimately connected to processes taking place in distant locales. Geopolitics is not just something that happens only in Washington D.C., the halls of the UN, or in practices of war and peacemaking abroad. Geopolitics happen here in Houston–in people’s living rooms, schools, and communities.

With this in mind, I created this site with the hope and desire that it might serve as a space for me to think through and share ideas emerging as I live, research, and connect with people in Houston. As much as is possible, I hope this site may also be interesting or useful to all the amazing people who are–and have been for some time–working to address issues of justice in the city. With so many brilliant Houstonians out there to learn from, I warmly welcome others to also share their work here if they wish–whether that be as a report, analysis, testimony, fiction, poetry, visual art, or photography. If you are interested in contributing to this site reach out to: everydaygeopoliticshouston@gmail.com.


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  1. Nicque Montgomery

    Thank you for your work

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